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When Gianni Brunelli opened Osteria Le Logge in 1977, he had a clear vision. Considered a natural leader with undeniable charisma, he realized not only a restaurant but also a ‘place’ that would retain an imprint, elements of memory, of the past.

Osteria Le Logge is located in the historic centre of Siena, just a few metres from Piazza del Campo: a friendly and accommodating restaurant, not only a place of culinary culture but a meeting point for the artists and intellectuals who sit at its tables every day.

The kitchen crew is headed by Nico Atrigna, born and raised in Campania, Sienese by adoption.

Each of his creations is a ‘search for authenticity’, starting with a respect for the raw materials, the ingredients, from which he then produces surprising and balanced harmonies centred around the concept of good, healthy food. 

The restaurant features a clean menu, from the names of the dishes, linked to a close working relationship with select producers, to the fresh, seasonal ingredients. Each dish is prepared individually, based on a culinary approach that focuses on the extraction of taste in order to provide guests with a stimulating and satisfying experience that reconnects the quality of time with the tradition of sitting at the table.

Why should you choose us?

  • A historic restaurant in the centre of Siena with a unique atmosphere, just a few steps from Piazza del Campo.
  • Carefully-selected, high-quality ingredients combined with ongoing culinary experimentation, an axiom that has always represented our Osteria. 
  • A place where you can lose yourself among words and flavours, heady from the selection of old vintages of wine. 


Via del Porrione, 33
Siena, Toscana 53100
Telefono: 0577/48013
Mail: lelogge@osterialelogge.it
Web: www.osterialelogge.it

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