Founded in 1946, CNA, the National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises, has over 700,000 members. CNA represents artisans, traders, professionals, self-employed workers, micro and small businesses in tourism, services and industry. The widespread presence of the CNA corresponds to the enormous diffusion of crafts, both in large cities and in small municipalities: over 8,500 collaborators in over 1,100 locations, of which 19 are regional and 96 territorial.

Cna Siena has over 3,000 companies in the province of Siena and over 5,000 associated pensioners. It is present in the area with 20 offices and a total of 180 employees. A presence that guarantees services, consultancy, information and fundamental services with credibility, professionalism and the strength to feel like partners and co-stars of the success of the small business and the development of a sector that, on its own, continues to create jobs and new businesses.

In particular, Cna Siena supports companies with services of:

Credit and subsidized finance

Accounting and tax

Personnel Management

Safety, environment, quality and privacy

Business training and work

Management consulting


Patronage services for citizens and pensioners

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Via Simone Martini 18
Siena, Toscana 53100
Telefono: +390577260600


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