Confesercenti di Siena – provincial office

In the territory of Siena, Confesercenti (Union of the Practitioners) has been a synonym of attention towards the small business and medium enterprise for more than 60 years. Creation, growth, defense and support about problems and opportunities are the operating modes which identify the relation between the association and the entrepreneurs to which it is addressed.
To the partnerships, capital companies,to the freelancers and self employed, to the Service Industry agencies, Confesercenti Siena offers qualified services in order to face the fulfillments and seize the opportunities of development. In order to do it, it uses advanced technologies and a wide team of experts active every day in the territorial branches all over the provincial territory, and the specific structures operating in the main headquarter of Siena dealing with:

- The update in a short time, and from a direct source, about normative innovations (laws, regulations, judgements), availability of national and/or ECC financing, credit opportunities and subsidising announcements about research and development;
- The protection and the union representation;
- The involvement in local initiatives directed to development, training and promotion;
- The activation of covenants & benefits to the advantage of the associate companies, useful for work, family or free time.
- The first free consultation with a lawyer at your disposal for every kind of dispute
- The dispatch of timely update messages about the fiscal novelties and information messages about tourism, trade and service industry
- The notification of the qualifying or assisted professional training courses established by training agency CESCOT
- The possibility to integrate the basic services with services aimed at the Companies and the institutions of the service industry, upon request.

In addition, services and ventures for the ex-workers of the field through FIPAC, and social interest performances for the citizens through the institution ITACO.

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Strada Statale 73 Levante, 10
Siena, Toscana 53100
Telephone: 0577252237

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