Torre delle Sette Seghinelle

The 13th-century tower known as the Torre delle Sette Seghinelle stands in one of the most central locations in medieval Siena: in the prestigious Via di Città and along the Costarella de' Barbieri as it descends into Piazza del Campo.


After climbing four flights of stairs inside Palazzo Accarigi, you reach the serviceable part of the Tower.

From here, there are two more flights of stairs located within the Tower. The first flight leads to a room with an impressive medieval barrel vault ceiling. The second flight of stairs leads to the magnificent open-air terrace at the top of the Tower.

The Tower, a medieval symbol of the owner's power, was erected by the Accarigi in the 13th century and was first referred to as Rustici al Canto della Costarella, known as the Torre delle Sette Seghinelle.

In the 14th century, the Accarigi family had Palazzo Accarigi built in Piazza del Campo and on the Costarella, which incorporated the pre-existing tower, thus creating a tower-house.

The Accarigis belonged to the Guelphs, the ‘Greats of Siena’ and the Government of the 9, entering the ‘Patriziato’ in 1753.

Both the Tower and the Palazzo are under a protection of historical monuments order.

According to one theory, the Seghinella was an ornament of stones at the top of a tower arranged like a chessboard, and that the Tower was so called because it had seven tiers of this ornament at the top.

The Tower is built of cavernous limestone, or ‘pietra da torre’ (tower stone), used in the Romanesque period for towers and the palaces of noble families.


The venue can be rented for:

wedding celebrations for a limited number of guests, small corporate events, cocktails or catered apéro dînatoires (buffet dinner with cocktails), wine-tasting courses, book launches, exclusive private events, meetings, exhibitions, small conferences, film or photo shoots, and film sets.

  • The open-air terrace at the top of the Tower can accommodate up to approximately 30 people.
  • Up to 15–20 people can be accommodated in the medieval barrel vault room in the Tower.
  • As an additional space or in case of inclement weather, Palazzo Accarigi (in the same building), features:
  • a larger room overlooking Piazza del Campo, with a grotesque painted ceiling and seating for 20–30 people; and
  • a smaller room with trompe-oeil wall paintings that can hold up to 10–15 people.

Why choose us?

  • View
    The top of the Tower offers a sweeping view of the magnificent monuments of Siena. Overlooking Piazza del Campo and situated between the Duomo and Palazzo Pubblico, it offers a glimpse of the façade of Palazzo Chigi, the Basilica dei Servi, and San Domenico.
  • Location
    The Tower stands on the corner of the Costarella, one of the most photographed spots by tourists as well as a popular location for newspapers and TV to film Piazza del Campo and Palazzo Pubblico.
  • Interior of the Tower
    The final two flights of stairs and the barrel vault are part of the interior of the tower: the presence of this portion, and not just the open-air terrace at the top, makes the tower experience all the more impressive and an ideal place to organise experiential activities with a medieval theme.
  • Contingency plan in case of inclement weather: larger room overlooking Piazza del Campo, smaller room, and barrel vault ceiling.


Via Di Città, Siena

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